Twelve Years ago I almost lose my life and career due to depression and the lost of my Mother.

I am very close to my Mom, everything she makes me happy and so it makes my heart torn apart upon her loss that I would want to follow her in Heaven.

But then I realized I had two choices…
live or not!
Yes- that simple!

With the help of my friends and family, I managed to go into psychological sessions and life & career motivational seminar. Opting to go and live life to the fullest! And immediately resumed my career in interior designing!
My creativity and passion in interior designs (I used to love my mom’s way of organizing and designing our house that inspires me to pursue this field) had been lost for many long years because I am really preoccupied with a lot of things and deep sadness in my heart.

I firstly established a simple booth at the Entrepreneurial Event of a good friend and I displayed there samples of my home, events, fashion arts and designs. It was really amazing and heartwarming to gain clients at the very first day I came back to my career. Happy tears! It was awesome.

I realized that absolutely YES I have a great purpose in this planet…
to reach out to people with my new zest for life and offer happiness and inspiration with the designs I do! This is the root of Chelstyle.com. Taken from my mother and my middle name, Chelsie, Chelstyle.com is about people’s choice design, a passionate design that everybody would love.

My depression in life was completely replaced with my passion in interior design! And I loved it!

While in recovery, I realized I was sick & tired …of being sick and tired. I needed to simplify my life, And getting rid of sadness and grief in my heart would make my life a lot simpler and a lot happier! And yeah it worked! This plan changed the way I am right now!

So to anyone reading this, I want to share my happiness and contentment to you with all the interior designs I create and can create for you!
So save your soul and restore your passion and love.
Nobody else can do that for you!

My depression lead me to breakdown and it was simply a horribly vicious living… and all that spinning can ruin a person.

There is a lot of help available…

First Step (and most difficult) is admitting you have a problem and realize you have nothing to be ashamed of!

Second Step…
Seek professional help and consultation
Find an AA group and/or treatment program,
make an appointment with a therapist,
call a hotline…Ask for my help too!

Third step…
find something that will make you busy!
You need to spend your focus and concentration on something else.
Get preoccupied with something new and healthy…
Plan to be fit, create your journal, start a garden, draw, read books, spend time with family…..
there are so many great things you
can do with your time!

“I don’t cry anymore, I don’t do stupid things…
I am back with my career, with interior designing!” He, he!

Yes- many years ago, I received lots of professional help
and I must say, I am very privileged to meet those persons on my way, those who lift me up!
I am kind of chatty!
…and endless hours (years) of motivating me to do designs again.
Therapies that helped me cope up.
(which has done wonders for my spirit!)

Please, do something good for yourself and seek help if needed.
If you need a cyber friend, please send me an e-mail. I am a good “listener” and I truly do care about your well- being! I have met many fantastic people via this site. I am not a therapist but I can be a friend who can listen. And also I am an interior designer and I can be at your service to bring color and happiness on your home or any kind of events.

My utmost professional goal is to bring the best and beautiful interior design you need! And also I am here to inspire, to motivate and to give you laughter. I hope I am doing my job via this site!

A Very Special Note to those of you who know somebody
who had the same situation as mine, those who lost their loved ones
and lives had torn apart. These people can not simply “snap out of it!”
I heard that all the time. UGH!

Unless you have walked in our shoes, you truly do not realize how debilitating depression, loss & other disorders are.

The Whole Truth…

Besides my battle with loss, heartbreak and depression!
I also battled post-traumatic stress disorder, obsessive-compulsive disorder and suffered sleepless nights and suicidal
thinking. Yup…I was a mess!
Now I am just happy, carefree and super alive!!!

Absolutely, I am very candid, with no shame.
My goal is to reach out to everyone and help you in the best I can.
To give you happiness with the designs and creativity I do.

Interior Design is my new life Now… and I need a lot of it!

Laura Chelsie Thomas